Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Swaps + Finds

Finally, I've got round to photographing my finds from the Flea market I went to a few weeks ago. 
1. I loved these old wooden bobbins with the pretty silk threads. I wish they still made them of wood. 
2. The heinz bag was a must have, and at £1, I also felt a complete bargain! 
3. The mosaic brooch was my most expensive purchase of the day, but I love it. I have a few mosaic brooches, but I have never seen one like this before. So summery and floral. Brilliant patterns! 
4. Lastly, I got some letterpress trays. I bought one 3 years ago in Edinburgh. Recently, I decided I would like one for our bathroom, so I have been on a bit of a hunt. (They are all ridiculously expensive these days.) Well,  I ended up with 4 slightly moldy looking ones! However, I do like a challenge, and at £5 for four...who could say no! Old and moldy...to clean and beautiful with a lot of wire wool, arm cramps and bleach mix in between... But they are finally clean, hoorah! 

My lovely swap came from Lizzy Stewart. She is a fourth year Illustration student at Edinburgh College of Art, and producing some fantastic work. Here are a couple of the prints she sent me. She also has an etsy shop where you can buy her lovely work. 

From what I have seen of this years fourth year, I have to say they are all very good, I'm impressed. Lindsay Gime is another one to look out for! She has also illustrated a book for Serafina Press, 'The Pirate Kings of Eyemouth'.

Which reminds me... the pages have been scanned, colour tests done, and discs sent to the printers. I am hoping in the not too distant future to be seeing a copy of 'The Sea Dancer at St. Abbs' in it's full technicolour illustrated glory!


I love this company! Bookhou are a Canadian based duo I found through Poppytalk a while ago. I think I may just have to treat myself to a moose. They are just too amazing!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Jeff Josephine Designs now has it's very own etsy shop!

Finally! I now have my very own online shop. Here you will find egg cups, ceramic hearts and 'Sophie's Impossibly Perfect Garden Party' poster. Soon I am hoping to also have cards and ceramic door knobs, as well as 'The Sea Dancer at St. Abbs' (the children's book I have been recently illustrating!). Please do come and have a peak, and tell all your friends!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sunny Days

It's been busy, busy, busy around here. The book is almost ready to print, and my online shop is soon to be up and running, and full of goodies for you to buy (more on that later!). I am now one year older, and the sun is very shiny indeed! At last! I have also been in a baking mood for a few days now. Last night I finally managed to find some time to put on my piny. I thought I would share my culinary success with you all! 

I went to a fantastic flea market last weekend where I picked up some super finds. I shall share these with you in the not too distant future. However, now I am going to get on with a bit of work. I have had a very naughty day and popped to Bristol to have lunch with my lovely friend Jecca. Oops!