Thursday, 28 January 2010

Flora and Fauna Jug, and a bit of a ceramic romance...

Oh dear, I don't seem to be doing very well this year. I had grand plans of 'Happy New Year' banners, and a drawing a day for you all to see (there goes my new years resolutions)... Never the less, I have been busy, and not only with the children's book, which, I will show you bits of soon ... But for now, you shall just have to make do with some ceramic creations. The 'Flora Fauna jug' was for my lovely friend James. It was a present for his mum's birthday, and I had really great fun painting it. I really must do more like this, I think those colours work very well together, and a bit of free hand painting seems to have loosened me up. I've also shared with you my very scrappy initial design. It just dawned on me I only seem to be putting finished pieces up on here, and to be honest, I've always found looking at sketchbooks much more interesting. So get ready for some messy drawings!

... and of course some valentines day hearts. A bit soppy really, but it comes around, but once a year, so why the heck not!