Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Animal Friendly Taxidermy

'Two Pigeons'

'Two Pigeons' - drawing


'Hare' - drawing


'Goose' - drawing

I know... 3 posts in one day! What is going on?!... Anyway, I thought I would pop up some photo's of my new 'Animal Friendly Taxidermy' as well as some portraits I did of them too. All are in my current exhibition.

Experimetal Fabric Printing

I've been having a play with some of my lincout blocks and block printing some fabric.
It is just small scale for now, but it would be lovely to think that one day it may be possible to see a design on a whole role. Tomorrow I'm going to have a go with some more patterns, as well as possibly printing some tote bags... watch this space.

Pop up photo's

'Cotswold' Tiles - handpainted

Experimental fabric print - turned into a cushion

Limited edition Linocuts

Experimental fabrics and framed linocuts

Wooden houses on the wall and suitcase browsers

Animal Friendly Taxidermy

Finally, I have got around to putting some photo's online of the pop up exhibition. Unfortunately, the wifi is not at all good in my little gallery space, so I cannot update as I go. Here are a few photo's of the exhibition, as well as some new experimental fabric printing I've been doing... but I think I will also do a whole separate post on that, as well as the new 'Animal Friendly Taxidermy'!

Wooden house

Screenprint and Ceramics

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pop Up open!

Hello everyone. The pop up exhibition at Brewery Arts, Cirencester is now open! I have been doing some experimental fabric printing today and will continue to do so tomorrow. Do come and have a look and see what is going on. Photo's soon...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Little wooden house

Here is a preview of a little wooden house I've just finished decorating for my up coming exhibition 'The Illustrated House'. It just needs framing up now.