Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The White Horse

Hand painted plate

This friday is the Private View of Zillah Bell's 'The White Horse' exhibition. The exhibition consists of work from a selection of gallery artists, all based upon the theme of the White Horse, Kilburn, North Yorkshire. 

Here is some background info for you...

'In 2009 we invited artists to produce work on the theme of ‘The White Horse' with particular reference to the White Horse at Kilburn, near Thirsk. The reaction was doubly enthusiastic, both from the artists who submitted a wide ranging and inspired body of work in all media, and from gallery clients who evidently enjoyed the exhibition just as much as the exhibitors had.
 Indeed, such was the success of the show that we felt it was time to repeat it but this year the work will also include neighbouring Hood Hill and Lake Gormire.'

Hand painted tile and frame 1/1

This year I have been invited to join in the fun and produced the above pieces for the event.