Monday, 28 January 2013

Sweetheart Pin Cushion

My new block printed Sweetheart Pin Cushion!

A mini history: 'Sweetheart' pin cushions were made in the First World War, often by convalescing and disabled soldiers as well as civilians to be given to their loved one. Many were given to sailors by their sweethearts to remind them of their loved one on their long voyages at sea. They were covered in beads, ribbons, lace and fabric badges of the persons battalion, or sometimes a poem.

I've produced a modern day sweetheart pin cushion for you to give to your loved ones.  I've even left a small circle on the back for you to sew in your loved ones initials. What better way of saying 'I Love You' this Valentines Day. But a 'Sweetheart' pin cushion is not just for Valentines Day. Why not, in the tradition of the 'Sweetheart' pin cushion, give it to a loved one before they embark on a long journey, or for an Anniversary?

Each cushion has been hand block printed with a 3 colour front design and 1 colour back design, and then sewn together and stuffed. Each one, a little unique.