Monday, 22 April 2013

NEW Grey & Mustard House Series!

Here they are... the new grey and mustard versions of my House Series 1 - 5.


Now available online...

a happy side (as well)

My lovely friend Kate Soper, a Perfoming Arts Teacher at Hammersmith Academy, London, is currently working on a new performance piece with some of her students for this years Edinburgh Festival! 

She asked me if I would take a look at jazzing up their flyer and produce some typography for the front and a bit of an image for the back. I was given the above photo, and a bit of info on what they were doing. Memory, childhood and kits were the things that stuck out for me.  For more information on what they are up to, why not take look at their website! a happy side (as well)

Above pictured are both the front of the flyer with my hand drawn text (and sketchy kite!) and the back  showing the pattern I made using the kite sketch. They will use this as a background for information about the show.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


You may remember my House 1 - 5 series... well here is a little look at my new colour way. There are a few changes too... keep your eyes peeled, they will be finished in the next few days!